Founded in 2017 by Nutritional Personal Trainer Richard Ravey and Branded Sportswear Distributor Pardip Bansal, Feed The Gains is establishing itself as the fitness lifestyle brand of choice. Entering with technical sweat-wicking apparel and to be advancing onto the purest engineered nutrition supplements and workout guides for all stages of one’s fitness journey.

Feed The Gains embodies positive progression, feeding one’s goals with the necessities and knowledge to gain success in one’s fitness and wellbeing journey.


The year is 2012 in Manchester, UK and the journey is about to begin when Pardip and Richard meet each other.

They start talking, and before long they have uncovered a strong and mutual passion for positivity, progression and wellbeing. However, they both relate to societies misconceptions on being unable to have the correct mindset to achieve their goals in life. The more they talk about how to create the perfect positive progressive fulfilling lifestyle the more they realise that’s something it not right. As Pardip recalls “there is something inherently wrong with our correlated understanding of life and the misconceptions in society hindering their progression to lead positive healthy lifestyles”. Richard coined the phrase “Feed The Gains” encapsulating our mindsets and went on to register the brand as he knew it’s his future.

It took five years for Pardip and Richard of progressing their journeys, Pardip in the distribution of the top sportswear brands in the world and Richard in the nutrition and aesthetic fitness industry to decide Feed The Gains is to be launched to help people progress their journeys.